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National Miss American Coed Pageants encourage and reinforce the confidence and natural beauty that is within each girl. That's why you'll never find any make-up on a Miss American Coed pageant participant under age 13 during our required competitions. We've never had it and we never will. Likewise, the clothing and onstage presentations are age-appropriate.

This is your invitation to enter the Miss American Coed, Teen, Junior Teen, Preteen, Sweetheart or Princess pageant in your state. Just think of the excitement and glamour as you walk across the stage in your beautiful evening gown with the spotlight and applause all for you! State winners and runner's up will have an opportunity to compete in the National Miss American Coed Pageant at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL! You may get to spend Thanksgiving with your family and Mickey Mouse!

You could be crowned the next National Miss American Coed Queen!

Since 1983 Miss American Coed Pageants have been the country's most popular pageants for girls for a reason: the events are family-oriented and age-appropriate. You'll find that many of the participants, and winners, in our pageants have never competed in a pageant before! Through fun rehearsals and activities on pageant weekend each contestant will gain a new sense of self-esteem, teamwork, and appreciation for her family.

The National Miss American Coed Pageant helps each girl develop poise, self-confidence and the ability to express herself while striving to reinforce the teachings of her home, school, and church; and at the same time giving her a chance to fulfill one of her most glamorous be in a state pageant! Get started today by submitting an online application and to receive all the information you need to become a State Finalist!

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