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The Barbizon Modeling and Acting Centers have been #1 in the industry since 1939. Over the last 65 years, many Barbizon graduates have gone on to become famous models, actors, and actresses. Although we cannot guarantee employment of any kind, each Barbizon Modeling and Acting Center does have an in-house placement agency for their Barbizon Graduates.

The world-famous Barbizon course curriculums prepare students to enter into the world of modeling and acting with self-confidence, poise, and style. Barbizon offers training in these areas which is the key to success in the industry as well as in everyday life. Even someone born to be a star, risks losing it all if they are unprepared for their “big break” in the modeling and acting business.

Now in over 235 cities around the world, you can find a Barbizon location in your own home town. Just click on our school locations page, and enter in your zip code. All the information you need will pop up and all you have to do is call.

At Barbizon, you learn the same modeling techniques used by today's top models. Classes in professional voice projection, television commercials, and photo movement will give you a professional edge no matter what your ultimate career goals may be. No matter what area of modeling you are best suited for, all models have in common the professional skills needed to land fun and glamorous jobs.

Female Modeling
Walking the Runway!!
Wearing Cool Clothes!!
Getting Your Hair and Makeup Professionally Done!!
Who Wouldn’t Want to be Part of This Exciting Life?

Many successful models of all shapes and sizes appear in magazines, on television, in videos, and on the runways during fashion week. High fashion runway models have the most physical requirements, but local requirements for fashion models are not as strict.

Let’s keep it real…not everyone wears a size 6 or even a size 8. Full-figured models are needed on runways where they show fashions for plus-size clothing as well as in print ads. Age is also not a factor. Models are needed in all age groups.

Magazines and newspapers, not to mention television, are filled with ads that feature girls just like you who are sitting there wondering if you really have what it takes to be in the modeling business.

Male Modeling
Has anyone ever told you have great eyes?
Or that you wear your clothes well?
How about that great personality of yours?

All these and much more are qualities of today’s top male models.

At Barbizon, male models take part in classes on photo movement, speech and social skills, grooming, acting and much more.

Not every guy who attends Barbizon has a goal of becoming a professional model. Many enroll just for the skills to help them in everyday life.

Kids Modeling
Have you ever been told that your child's smile
lights up a room?
Or that your child expresses him or herself well?
Or that your child is just plain adorable?

These are all qualities of today’s top child models and actors having a great time being who they are…kids!!!

At Barbizon, children learn the same modeling and acting techniques used by today’s top child models and actors from how to audition, runway skills, proper speech & etiquette, social & grooming skills, acting, and much more.

Whether you've already written your Oscar acceptance speech, or you would be happy to star in a few local television commercials, Barbizon can help you develop the skills you'll need to make it happen!

Most of Barbizon’s Acting Program classes take place live and on-camera like you are in an actual studio taping your first scene. Classes touch on all aspects of the life in pictures and television from comedy, monologues, drama, how to go on an audition, and script reading. The other half of the classes put you ‘center stage’ on developing your proper stage presence and personality for specific roles.

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