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Del Corral Agency

After retiring from a long and successful modeling career, Gail del Corral was still very much in demand. For this reason she decided to share her expertise with others by starting her own agency to train and book models. Like many successful startup businesses, she began out of her kitchen, expanding into larger premises once the growth of the business made such a move viable. The del Corral Model & Talent Agency, Inc. has grown through a consistent attitude of tenacious dedication to training talent to meet clients' needs. Now in business over 35 years, this agency has become the largest model and talent agency in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Del Corral is considered by many clients as one of the most professional, dependable agencies for great talent.

Gail del Corral, one of the top ten models in the 1960s, created the art of Mechanical Modeling. With this new artform, she made a profitable living throughout the second half of the 20th century, appearing on network shows such as The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Steve Allen, David Letterman, Bob Hope specials and many more.

Gail trained her children from an early age to become professional mech-anical models. They make a powerful team — Gail with her daughter and son have had over 35 comedians try unsuccessfully to break them up. None of the challenging comics had mediocre material.

Types of comedy were wide-ranging, all to no avail. The list of defeated contenders includes Tim Conway, Steve Allen, Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope.

Gail is listed in the 1985 Guinness Book of World Records. (On October 22, 1982, Gail del Corral and her son Wayne stood motionless in separate pizza parlors for 10 hours 17 minutes for charity, while submitting to numerous unsuccessful attempts to make them laugh.)

Needless to say, Gail does not bristle at being called a "dummy." She has also worked as a fashion model and actress, playing Mame, Margo in Applause and many other roles.

That is the motto of the del Corral Agency. We understand all the facets of the production business and the costs involved. That is why we offer many services that will save you money and precious production time. As a full service, 24 hour agency we will give you the professional assistance that you need to keep the talent selection portion of your production running smoothly. Producers from around the world use our agency... why not you? Look over our many services and call us at (318) 861 2989 and we will be happy to help you with your specific needs.

Eliminate Cattle Calls:
Save time and view our tapes at your leisure. Just send us your script and we will be happy to put some talent on tape and have it at FedEx that very same night! Select only the talent you want to audition.

Casting Facility:
We offer the use of our studio free of charge to our clients for auditions. You won't have to pay to rent a space or book an expensive room at a hotel, saving you money to put toward your production value. To make things even more convenient for you, we also have a fully furnished executive apartment for short-term rental — in the same building.[PHOTOS - popup window]

Talent Coordination:
We offer one step access to our clients to save you that very precious production time.You make one call to us and we call all the talent and coordinate their wardrobe, call time, scripts and location maps.

Internet Access:
We also provide instant access on our website to some of our talent. This convenience can provide you with time saving access to our talent database which includes headshot and personal stats that can be downloaded and printed.

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