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Elizabeth Savage Talent Agency

Elizabeth Savage Talent Agency (EST) is the largest licensed talent agency in the State of Arizona. We are a full service agency providing actors and models to the entertainment industry. Incorporated in 1990, EST is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and has a sister agency in Tucson, Arizona.

The mission of Elizabeth Savage Talent is to represent our talent to the best of our ability, by providing as many opportunities as possible for the talent to be hired through the audition process of acting, modeling, or print casting calls. Elizabeth Savage Talent also prepares the talent to be able to perform to the best of their abilities during the audition and through to the completion of the project for which they are hired.

Elizabeth Savage Talent Agency is licensed through the Industrial Commission of Arizona. This is important to know because that license is what gives us the legal right to take a commission from our talent. WE CANNOT AND DO NOT PROMISE OR GUARANTEE WORK FOR ANYONE. ALL HIRING IS AT THE SOLE DESCRETION OF THE COMPANY REQUESTING THE CASTING CALL.

The EST Agency is primarily a commercial acting agency, meaning we represent actors of all ages, sizes, looks, and personalities, versus representing just beauty. If we get a request for a fat, bald man that can dance, or an attractive female senior citizen that is fit and athletic, or an 8 year old red headed, green eyed boy who can skateboard, or a tall, dark leading man in his early thirties, it is our job to be able to provide that talent.

Elizabeth Savage Talent strongly believes in training. In Arizona there has been a grass-roots effort by some to taint the notion of any type of training. Acting is an art form. It is no different than dance, playing a musical instrument, or playing a sport. You must continue to train to make yourself better. It is unrealistic for these denouncers of training to portray a world where anyone can get signed to an agency, and get hired for a job, without at least knowing the basics of the audition process and the basics of acting.

Acting is not based on looks, age, height, weight, gender or race. It is the belief of Elizabeth Savage Talent that continued training is imperative! The major acting markets of Los Angeles and New York also share that belief.

Elizabeth Savage Talent offers commercial training. It is not a requirement to be trained at EST, in order to be represented by our agency. Where you get your training is not important. The ability to audition and win the part is. The agency signs talent as it needs, and that feels is READY to audition for a casting call that will represent the agency professionally, and give the agency the best chance at winning that part, regardless of where they gained their skill and knowledge.

EST does not have a modeling school, or any classes that deal in the industry of modeling. It is the belief of EST that modeling is based on physical appearance only, and requires very little to no training what-so-ever.

Elizabeth Savage Talent also has a promotional department that provides staffing for special events that want quality people to distribute information or products at large events or private functions.

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