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Patricia Stevens Model Agency

You must want to be successful, that is why you called on the finest institution of its kind. The Model Agency Kansas City turns to for honesty, whether you dream of becoming a model, an actor or simply developing your personal style! Only one in a thousand will ever be discovered! You cannot buy stardom and we do not promise it!

We can promise to develop your self-confidence with integrity, dignity and honesty. We are internationally renowned for the guidance provided to our aspiring and professional models. Patricia Stevens can help you achieve the confidence and motivation to make your dreams come true. Potential models are not made empty promises; modeling is discussed with intelligence and realism as a part time opportunity for most, with tremendous opportunity for work right here in Kansas City. Of course we do work with clients nationally and even internationally. We believe the best place to begin is right here in Kansas City. Not only are there many modeling opportunities, but they are a wonderful means of personal development and a great way to earn extra money!

Many of our models remain working through our agency for years and years. We choose only the best of clients and the best models for those clients. Our impressive client list, to name a few, includes: LEVI, NIKE, Australian Optical, SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE, US Uniform, ACE HARDWARE, WAL-MART, Full Tilt Productions, HALLS, Saks Fifth Avenue, TIVOL and the Ford Motor Company.

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