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Peggy Taylor Talent

Highly respected as the oldest talent agency in the Southwest, the solid reputation of Peggy Taylor Talent, Inc. began over forty years ago when top Dallas make-up artist, Peggy Taylor, first opened her agency. The very first license ever issued by the state of Texas is still in the archives. The Dallas Morning News has called her “the guardian angel of actors” who has “crusaded against the sleazoids who prey on star-struck kids…the lady-like scourge of agency scams.” In 1989 Peggy Taylor joined with other franchised agents to demand the state pass laws against the increasing number of agency scams. “There’s been a terrible situation where agencies have opened only to sell photography and classes and resumes,” says Ms. Taylor, “and they’re rip-offs. They have no intention of getting these people jobs.” Casting director Rody Kent is quoted as saying “she’s like the watchdog of the industry, and she’s had people in every film since time began.”

Peggy Taylor has helped develop the careers of many area actors, such as Robert Urich and Morgan Fairchild. Her agency has featured actors in films such as The Last Picture Show and Bonnie and Clyde to TV’s Walker, Texas Ranger, industrials, and even video games. With close ties to New York and L.A., there are nearly 400 actors in the Peggy Taylor Talent pool, and from all over the Southwest including Austin, Houston, San Antonio and other cities. In 1996, Women in Film/Dallas recognized Peggy Taylor’s dedication to excellence with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Today the Dallas/Fort Worth agency known as Peggy Taylor Talent, Inc. is recognized world-wide for high quality talent, specializing in character faces, accomplished actors, and upholding the moral and ethical principles of good business.

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