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Let's face it. People were not good looking in the beginning. One thick eyebrow underscoring a vast forehead, nose too wide, excessive body hair and that was just the women. The men, confused with who they were, often lived with the wolverines on cold nights. There is a theory that the race became more attractive when the men no longer slept in the dens. And so it was. As humanity evolved, a few lookers did emerge. These first few hotties were such a phenomena, the other folk bartered meat just to gaze at them. The walls of the caves were in fact, the first magazine issues. And humanity found comfort in this activity and did prosper as was written by the prophet, Calvin, son of Klein. And it was good.

Times haven't changed all that much. Beauty has power. Power to sell, persuade, entice, or simply enchant. Today, there are many agencies selling their wares, malls of faces and bodies, factories of external beauty, boasting 10,000 strong. Vacuous transactions taking place on a daily basis. But is that what you really want?


Pulse was created as a management firm, born of twenty years of experience. Wherever you look - Milan, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, our footprints are there. (Anyone who can pull off flip-flops with an Armani suit deserves respect.) Our mission was to work in a way where personal and professional attention was the norm. If you know our model's name, we know their family. And this became the standard and all rejoiced. Quality over quantity; not as a catchy phrase but as a reality.

PULSE thrives outside the box. Imagine. You check out the photos on this site, waiting for something to happen. It does. His face, her face, not like the others, you think. She's a trend setter. Correct. He's got this edgy cool Zen hip thing going. Correct. Safe is boring. Edgy, deep, bold.
You think, A+.

PULSE MANAGEMENT: Slamming forth an intense revolution of raw, clean, talent. Pulse dares to crash out of the mold and ride the crest of a sun drenched wave.

Fearless creativity merges with unrelenting drive - for you.

Chill we are! Book we do!

"check your pulse"

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